Prayer for emotional healing

by Nats (Trinidad)

Heavenly father

I have been through so much and right now I am at my breaking point. I feel empty and alone. I’m so tired of being depressed, unhappy and hurting. I just want a peace of mind, love and contentment. Some happiness. Father I need a job so I can meet my financial obligations. Lord I also pray that you heal my broken relationship and bring M back to me like we were before. I am truly in love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.

So father I ask that you bring him to me and take away the pain and emptiness that I feel. Help me find a job and take away theverything stress and worrying. I don’t want to cry every day anymore. This I ask and pray in your sweet name jesus.

I love you Lord

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  1. Prayers

    I am praying for you. I pray first that Jesus fill your heart with his love and take away your pain and suffering. I pray that he lead you to employment and take away your financial struggles. I pray that he lead your ex love back to you, so that you may have an even better relationship than before.

  2. Agreement in Prayer

    Father God,

    I come now in agreement with Nats and with your Holy Spirit to accomplish all the good works, purposes and plans you have for her life. Father God, you know all of our needs before we even say them. You have promised to meet every need according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Please provide, according to your word, for the financial, emotional and spiritual needs of Nats. Lord your word says that it is not good for us to be alone. Your word says that you heal the brokenhearted and that you are near to those who are downcast and depressed. Your word says that weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. Father I proclaim and declare all of your word and promises over Nats because you say that you honor your word to us even above your name. Lead Nats to those who will encourage her and uplift her. Lead her to the promises in your word that speak to her situation. Thank you Lord for being a god of restoration, reconciliation and miracles. Thank you Lord for the “suddenlies” you have for Nats and her life. Sister I agree with you for your joy, for your strength, for your hope and your provision. I agree with you for your relationship and your future. You decree and declare it as well. God is at work…believe and then see!!!

  3. Faith in God

    I ask that that GOD continues to bless me with strength. I ask that he continues to bless me and Johnny during this time. I love Johnny with all my heart and I know I can make him happy but I leave my future in GODS hands. I do feel rejected , lonely, and confused but i also believe this time apart is a blessing. There’s learnings I have to learn. I’m just as fault as he is. I want to forgive as much as be forgiven. It’s hard for me right now as I fear Johnny will not come back or not love me the way he once did. But as much as it hurts, I also know God will not let me drown and know things happen for a reason. I ask for prayer for strength, patience, and openness that Johnny will see and feel for me like he did and we get back together. In Gods name amen

  4. For everyone asking for jobs

    I am currently working however I am looking for a new jobs as well this is how I search

    1) this site covers every state and you dnt have to have a college degree

    2) it’s always good to check the city that you live in for example in Florida I would type in city of Miami and all jobs with the city of Miami will come. It is import that you type in city of (your city) or town of (your town) because it will poplulate jobs with the county which is normally not on indeed or any site like that.

    4) try your local school board websites those jobs are not on sites like indeed.

    5) always look at jobs in other cities close to you using the above websites

    6) Salvation Army websites they are hiring in all states

    To everyone on this site seeking a job o pray these tips helps you out I pray that each of you find a job and that your finical situation is lifted in a positive manner May god bless all you. Depression must go sadness must go hurt must pain must go. Blessing must come down on you and your families i pray for every broken heart may love find its way to your doors may broken relationships be mended and bonded forever. May relationships in turmoil turn into love and happiness. Keep your heads up keep believing walk by faith not by site.

  5. Have faith

    Have faith… Never give up hope … God is not asleep… You are not alone… Love will find you heart feels your pain and I know the loneliness you speak off….you are a child of God and never lose faith in him… I have no job home ..and very little money .. But I know God will be there with me every step of the way … Life is full of miracles of love of kindness …and you will see… This too shall past…my prayers and my heart. Is with you… Amen

  6. Have faith

    Have faith… Never give up hope … God is not asleep… You are not alone… Love will find you heart feels your pain and I know the loneliness you speak off….you are a child of God and never lose faith in him… I have no job home ..and very little money .. But I know God will be there with me every step of the way … Life is full of miracles of love of kindness …and you will see… This too shall past…my prayers and my heart. Is with you…

  7. Thank you

    I am going through a similar thing with job and marriage and crying a lot! However you worded it so eloquently and beautifully . That’s inspiring and I will pray for you very much so !!! Praying that God will bring you to a joy you can enjoy and heal your relationship and that you have no more tears. Just praying and give us the strength to trust God more and more. Sending prayers thanks for your beautiful prayer. But i know it’s painful but you worded it so well

  8. Unhappy

    I’m in a troubled marriage and trying to get out and be on my own. He is making very difficult for me to move on. Pray that I can get through to him and make him understand how I’m feeling instead of him thinking of himself.

  9. Hope it works out

    I hope you & m work it out I also am going through same kind of problems he is very stubborn & can be childish . he breaks up with me over very silly things.i havnt seen or heard from him in over a week & I’m always sad I’m struggling to get through every day.i have been Praying for my richard and also areas I need help in as he says I’m pushing him away but he did say be loves me to bits.i hope you and M both work it out.

  10. I pray for you

    I know how you feel and I pray for you and everyone who feels lost and who feel not confortable in their own shoes and life situation. And I know that God listens to us and will give us many blessings.

    Thanl you love we love you much.

  11. Read below

    hi..I understand your pain I’m going through the same in terms of love life..I met a man and I’ve been praying to God to recognize me if is his will…if is not his will I will not go for it..because God knows better.
    Let me advice you..try to focus on a job right now..what are your skills? Try to find a job that is not your dream one but at least can get you back on track and the the rest will come…don’t think at a relation if you are not in peace with yourself before.
    Hope you will feel great in few months.

  12. God Hovers in the Darkness

    God hovers in the darkness, searching for you. But darkness is as light to Him and you can never be lost. Though you may be wandering in the wilderness, feeling alone, God is right there with you supporting you and speaking to you. He loves you so much. You are His precious child and He wants to pour His love, hope, and grace into your life.

    “He found him in a desert land, and in the howling waste…. He encircled him, He cared for him, He guarded him as the pupil of His eye….” Deuteronomy 32:10

    “God has called you out of darkness into His glorious light.”



  14. prayer for,my relationship

    After being single for a long time I found the man I felt was right for me,and God send.he recently told me that he can’t commit himself with relationship now .,I feel so lonely more than ever let him see that love I have for him and let the feeling be mutual for both of us

  15. My Prayer for You

    He is an on time God and he is listening. Father in your sons name I pray for your grace and mercy for this family. Amen.

  16. Please Pray for me

    Please Pray for me I’ve been broken for some time now in a long relationship that has changed rapidly. I just need one touch from god and bless you all I’m tired of crying everyday hurting and depressed and most of all everyone’s prayer to heal from the years of rejection loneliness and confusion GOD BLESS Everyone

  17. Please pray for my family and I pray for yours god bless

    Please having financial problems please pray for my family thank you god bless

  18. Praying for you

    You are not alone. I understand how you feel. Sometimes emotional suffering is worse than any other. God hear’s you and it will get better. Sometimes praying to yourself is find but I find that the more people praying for you the better. There is power in that.

  19. Keep my Faith in You Lord

    I too have tears of loneliness and fear. Please Dear Lord- help me to trust in Your plan for me. Guide me in discerning what is best for me. Help me to keep my thoughts and trust set on You and Your love. Lord help me to understand the depression my fiancé is going through. Guide me in speaking with him and not taking my own faults and fears to his. Bless over both of us with love and happiness no matter if we spend the rest of our lives together or go our separate ways. Lord I hold my future within Your heart!!

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