Prayer for Egypt the Motherland

by Mirna (Australia)

DEAR LORD , dear everyone who is reading this

please put egypt is your prayers , may the lord hear this prayer. Egypt is like no other country in the world.

Egypt is the motherland , Egypt is beautiful , Egyptian people are beautiful , the warmth of egypt is beautiful. lately this hasn’t been present.

Please lord my father, make all things better, make all things right. make right between cops and muslims make right make peace , make egypt the country it always has been with its lovely humerous kind hearted people.

This is your country lord. the country you went to and stayed in. pray for your country .

This is a country like no other, i pray for peace in egypt. i pray for the egypt that we all know and love.

the nile, the pyramids the great pharaohs the beautiful cities and the love of its people for their country.

Please lord. i pray for this country and the best of its people to live in safety and peace.

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  1. Joining in Prayer for Egypt

    Heavenly Father, King of the Universe, we ARE desperate for your intervention for Egypt. Lord, you’ve blessed Egypt with your holy word, saying, “Blessed is Egypt, my people”.

    Lord, we claim your POWERFUL presence in the land; we claim your FULL authority over Egypt, all its people & authorities. Let them see you; let them feel and fear you. Mighty Lord, SNATCH it out of the devil’s hand; LORD, WE GIVE EGYPT TO YOU NOW with broken hearts & tears Lord, HEAR our prayers & answer.

    Change & shake the hearts of people. Hear our cry Lord; protect your children Lord & claim this land & its people for YOU.

    We pray in the name of your holy precious Son, Jesus Christ.


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