Prayer for DWI/DUI charges

by Lauren ()

Please St. Jude, intercede to the Father on my behalf, that these charges against me are either reduced or dropped. I can not have this showing on my record.

While I fully acknowledge the mistake that I made, I can’t afford to have this showing on my record as I will not be able to apply to the program I am trying to get into. That I NEED to get into, to improve mine and my son’s life.

I can’t wait 5 more years. I am fully willing to do whatever punishment the court wants in exchange for the lesser charge, so that it doesn’t show. I accept full responsibility for my actions, make no mistake. I’ve learned my lesson and know what I need to do to avoid repeating the same stupid mistake. I am but a sinner.

Help me St. Jude. I implore you. Intercede for me. With your help, and by the grace of God, grant me this. I need a miracle. Thank you St Jude.

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