Prayer for drug addicts

by Martine (LOS ANGELES)

Dear heavenly father, Please give all drug addicts the strength and will power to rise against their addiction.

Show them that using drugs hides the wonderful people they really are on the inside. I ask that you bless my boyfriend and his many friends who are suffering from substance abuse issues mentally, physically, and socially.

Thank you, Lord.


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  1. daughter needs a miracle

    I have an adult daughter who is living from drug house to drug house in Spokane, WA. She left three beautiful children for Meth. Thank God the Dad is man enough to care for three young children! This drug is so powerful I have been staying awake at night praying and worrying! Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. amen!

    I am a forty year old married crack addict. been clean 3 1\2 months. went to NA for years and would only keep a month or so clean time then use again and ruin it.I accepted the Lord on october 7, 2012 and have been clean since then. im nervous about using again and feel like getting high right now, but I WILL NOT DO IT!!!i loved your prayer and wanted to ask you to pray for me.

  3. drug abuse prayer

    When I read this I cried my bf using drugs cheated on me and we have a 16 month old baby boy together. He is truly a wonderful person before all of his addictions, girls, and stealing had happened, god can make miracles.

  4. AnonymousAndy

    I prayed for you today. I will pray for you every day.

    I suffer from many forms of addiction. Jesus Christ helps me be a better person i was yesterday. I ask that for you.

  5. AnonymousAndy

    I prayed for you today. I will pray for you every day.

    I suffer from many forms of addiction. Jesus Christ helps me be a better person i was yesterday. I ask that for you.

  6. you will lose everything good to drugs

    I see how it destroys people lives everyday. Think about what you do to get high. The same effort can be utilized to help you become self sufficient. Time is valuable so use it wisely.

  7. Thank you for praying

    The last comment that was posted on this thread from someone in LA, came in at the exact time I was tempted to abuse (more) drugs. I thank whoever posted that prayer yesterday, as it saved me from a night of agony. I stopped using at that exact moment and started praying.

    I prayed for all drug addicts, including me, to realize that our highest priced commodity in this world, is time. I prayed that we stop wasting time as that is what the enemy wants us to do.

    I thank everyone that prays and I thank Jesus Christ. AMEN

  8. God works in mysterious ways

    Once again, I received a prayer from the person in LA, at the EXACT time that I was being tempted last night. In fact, I had the drugs out and was about to abuse when my phone went off, indicating there was a prayer posted on this thread. This is the second night I did not get high.

    WOW…God works in mysterious ways.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! They have saved me and saved my family from pain

  9. In need of help

    I have a son whom I dropped off at rehab today for a heroin addiction. I hope he went in when I left. Please pray for him because his addiction is so much stronger than he is right now. He is also in trouble with the law. He needs prayer. Please help

  10. AMEN

    I pray for you and your son. Thank you for the prayer request. Prayer for you, has helped me in turn. GOD BLESS!!!


    I am fighting a terrible addiction to pain pills and need help so bad and am praying to God for strength to finally quit. My disease is killing me. I no longer go anywhere, rarely get dressed and I am severely depressed. I am not there for my children, mother, and sister. I am so afraid that this is the end of my life. Please pray for me.
    Thanks & God Bless

  12. Hurt girlfriend

    I am pregnant with my second child and just recently discovered my boyfriend has slipped back in to drugs. He is lying to me and it really hurts. I feel a lot of guilt due to the fact I feel like my unkind ways have led him back in to these ugly paths. He is a big user and drinker so I’m asking for prayers for my boyfriend to be saved and healed from his addiction. And for Gods will to be done in our lives even if what I want is not what is best.

  13. For all of June's submissions.

    I have prayed for all of you, every day. I have a deep down feeling that everything will work out for the best with each and every one of you…with God’s Good Grace. Amen.

  14. Need a prayer for my sister

    Please help me prayer for my sister who really needs to find the right path LORD help her find her way to the right path we all miss her…..AMEN

  15. Surrender to Jesus

    I was a drug user for 14 years. No one knew of my addiction except God, myself and the enemy who tempted me to waste years and years of my time, hurting myself rather than making this world a better place.

    One day feeling utterly hopeless, I came across this site when I was surfing the web in need of answers.

    I posted a prayer request. 3 times a notification came through my email either requesting a prayer or offering a prayer in this thread for drug addicts that i subscribed to.

    Each time, this notification came, seconds before I was going to do drugs. I have since been clean. I continue to pray for everyone that is hurting themselves or others.

    Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


  16. need prayer for Jean

    Please pray for Jean. She is addicted to prescribtion
    drugs. Please pray to give her strength to get help for her addiction.

  17. Pray for my brother please

    Please pray for my brother. He is 32yrs old, heavy addicted to heroin. He is homeless and doesn’t not have the strength to leave this devilish addiction. Please help me pray for god to grant him the strength he needs to overcome this horrible addiction, for not only is he hurting himself, the whole family hurts as well :'(

  18. Prayers Needed

    Please pray for my nephew who was in a rehab facility and walked away a month ago. He is in San Diego and is very sick. His parents have lost contact with him as his cell phone minutes are gone. It is heartbreaking for them as this is not the first time he’s done this. He desperately needs our prayers. Thank you and God bless you and your loved ones.

  19. my son in need of help from drinking

    please pray for my son william to defeat this drug addition for i know prayer works and pray for others as well i refuse to give the enemy any glory in the name of Jesus.

  20. prayers work. they worked for me

    I pray for your son William, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Prayers do work. I am on my 9th day of sobriety all because I asked my support system to pray for me. They did and I’m free from my addiction.

    GOD IS GOOD!!!


  21. Prayer for nephew

    I lift up all those trapped in a net of addiction. Only you Lord God can free them. We love them, their hurting and need you God. Turn their lives around and bring the healing they each need. You God are the way, the truth, and life we each need.

  22. Addiction

    Please pray for my son Andrew and all persons that suffer from addiction . Pray for the families of the substance abusers. Pray for the people who supply the drugs that they are able to hear and accept gods plan for salvation and our country that wishes to make drugs even easier to be supplied. thank you


    I have prayed for your son Cory. I have had the most intersting and amazing experience with this website. I myself, am a recovering drug addict. Each time I was about to relapse, I received a notification from this site that someone needs my prayers. Everyone’s prayers helped me remain strong and pray for everyone that needs help. GOD LOVES!!!! AMEN

  24. Hurting

    My brother is a drug addict. I love him so much. I don’t love who is has become, but I love him. His name is Timmy and I would like everyone to pray for him to ask God to heal him. Thank you

  25. Please pray for my son

    I ask you for your prayers for my son who I feel is slipping back into this horrible addiction to drugs. Our family has suffered for too many years and we would love to see him get well. He has a beautiful son who loves him and needs him but right now the drug is stronger than he is. I pray Jesus will put his loving arms around
    him and heal him of this terrible affliction. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

  26. A hurting Mother

    Please pray for my son Michael he’s 22yrs old and addicted to drugs he won’t listen to anything anybody has to say he’s hanging with people that don’t mean him any good my son was an honor roll student had scholarship for college that all change please pray for him and our family this is so hard for me……

  27. Prayers for my youngest son

    My son is addicted to drugs. I believe it’s heroin. He has resorted to stealing to support his habit. Today he is scheduled to appear in court on two misdemeanor charges. My request for your prayers is that he is restored to the kind, caring loving father and son that I know he can be again. Please pray for his complete recovery from this. Thank you.

  28. Please Pray for My Family

    Please pray for my father who is addicted to pills. Please pray for my middle sister who is addicted to pills and crack. Please pray for my baby sister who is addicted to crack. Please pray for my brother who is addicted to pills and crack. Please pray for my mother who has stage 4 breast cancer. Please pray for my daughter who is 18 months sober from alcohol that she continues her path with sobriety. Please pray for all suffering from this terrible disease of addiction.

    Finally please pray for me that I feel so all alone in this sea of addiction.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  29. worried mom

    Please pray for my 29 year old son, Ryan. He’s addicted to meth and uses the needle. He’s been absconding from parole, but I woke up this morning to a message on my phone that he was arrested last night. Answered prayer? I hope so, we’ve been here many times. Please pray for Ryan…pray this time we’ll have a breakthrough…Thank you

  30. Help him!

    My Nephew has been addicted for many years several relapses and jail halfway house and yet he is still in a bad place. I worry everyday about him is he homeless has he eaten. I help raise this child and it’s killing me. I can’t stop praying that he will see the light of god. I am praying for a miracle. Dear god in heaven please help him.

  31. Anonymous

    Please please I’m begging with all my heart and soul help my Boy Kurt. I’m worried we’re going to loose him forever to this disease. That is rampaging across are country. It has to stop!!! How many of are children are we going to loose? My heart is breaking I think are time is limited and I’m lost in a sea of darkness worrying about my boy. I don’t eat don’t sleep and can’t function because of the worry. The devil is running ramped. We have to do something but what? I love him so much and I can’t save him. Oh my god!!!! Please help him!!!

  32. Please pray for my son

    My son is 42 years old and he started with an alcohol addiction, but is now addicted to Dramamine and/or Benedryl. You probably think that’s no big deal, but it’s like LSD for my son and many others. High doses cause hallucinations and if you google it, you will see how addictive and horrible it can be. I would almost rather he go back to drinking….that’s just how horrible it is. Please pray for my son.

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