Prayer for dream job

by Glendathomas (Lindale)

Please God help me to get the job of my dreams that will support my family, fufill my needs mentally ,physically, spiritually and financially so that I may suceed in all that i do and wish to accomplish in Jesus name I pray THANK YOU LORD!

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  1. Confident

    Oh Lord, now that I’ve graduated school I do not know where I can keep practicing my singing. As you clearly know, I have stage fright but do not know how to overcome the barrier to succeed my passion. You really know this is what I’ve been wanting my whole life, ever since I was a kid… but as I grew older I decided I do not have the power to get to my goals, but suddenly in the past couple of days it came back to me… I don’t know where to go from here.. I don’t have confident in myself.. Please Lord, please give me the confident I need to fufil my passion.. no matter how hard the training is afterward; I just need your blessing and your understanding.. Please grant me confident on stage to fufil my life goals.. Thank you Lord..

  2. To find my dream job

    Holy father please help me to find the work that i looking for i have give in my c.v in many campanys and that never call,plz i want to get better salary so that i can support my two boys and my mom and to pay my accounds plz help in the name of jesus Ghris Amen Amen

  3. Job

    Heavenly father please guide me thru this interview. Please hold my tongue to only speak your divine word during this process. I know you know me better than i know myself and you have blessed me in so many ways. With this job i will be able to support my family while doing what i love. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

  4. A job that makes me happy

    Dear Lord, please help me find a job that will make me happy and build me. Amen

  5. Bring back joy in our jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Lord you have always answered my prayers ,sometimes we need to pray for others so if they have strayed we can let them know we are praying for them. At the moment myself and my family all have work, but each one of us is facing a challenge work drying up, work cut backs, unhappiness with overwhelming challenges please help us all get back the joy we all once had in our work, even if it means a new job or changes please whatever your plans are that we be grateful and never forget you will help us ! AMEN


    Praying that God fulfill my heart desire in giving me my dream job after so many online application. know my heart desired job is on its way….thank you jesus.

  7. prayer

    please pray that I get the job that i recently went on an interview for. if not please let me get a call from UD again.

  8. dream job

    I pray for my dream job. I declare that it will not only be a job that I preform my best but I will make lots of money, successful and happy.

  9. dream job

    I pray for my dream job. I declare that it will not only be a job that I preform my best but I will make lots of money, successful and happy.

  10. In his hands

    Dear Lord Father I lift up my fiance in hope he can finally find his dream job. He has come so far in his life, and I’m so very proud of him! I place this all in your hands. I pray in your glorified name AMAN.

  11. please god give me this dream job I want

    I have waited and hoped for this job lord and I am now applying, please grant my request to you oh lord

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