Prayer for donations

by Janis ()

good day My name is JANIS NAZAROVS .I am writing to you from LATVIAN. I would like you to tell our sad life story. We live in the countryside with three minor children. Man 38 years, DAILE daughter 9 years, Lelde daughter 11 years, son, Eduard 16 years.

House in which we live,is a state of emergency. Windows and doors are old. Place window film Walls crack and fall apart.Leaky roof and is leaking water. Home life rat and fleas.Our government do not care that we live in. All the money go to repayment of the loans. My wife is alkaholike .She do not live with us. Recently I met another woman with two children. I fell in love with a woman and her child. Now we have seven.

In this house, I can not bring him to live. We want to get out of poverty. this country will not help us any. We want to live happily. I am therefore writing to you. We Need Financial Assistance. To buy a child a good apartment, pay for school kids ,settle debt. So we can start a normal life we need 50.000usd Do you help a loving family I have a woman whose love. And our five children Luk such is life. We do not need milion. We simply want to live, that people.

I apologize to you for this letter. I am on your fund’s read. Therefore, I wrote to you. I have no more having to request the assistance. Please help if it is in your power.I am willing to sell their organs, to my family to be happy. God be with you thanks.

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