prayer for dog to heal lymphomas

by Suzanne (Cape Town , South Africa)

Please hear my desperate prayer for help for my dog Jigme who has some lymphomas/lipomas .I have been trying to heal him for about 5 yrs . I am vegetarian , spiritual, animal-lover & my dogs have enormous amounts of exercise & several natural remedies herbs .

because of so much mind controls the swellings are not going away .
the 1st is above front right leg . it went much smaller but drained internally into the armpit socket beneath , & this is now the real problem because if it bursts & a sore & ulcer forms it could then become cancerous . have given him lots of anti-cancer & other remedies .
Please pray all the swellings – the 1st & the armpit one & the other at left back hip/leg – will heal soon .
& please may the household stress & arguments also stop & we have no honest vets here so I prefer natural healing way .
Really it is strange that I have so many serious problems & most have been healed by miracles . But this now with the legs of the dog -the swellings are around the legs – almost no-one has power ability to heal this & I myself feel so powerless & ineffective .perhaps one needs different info .

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