Prayer for divine intervention, righteous justice in the courtroom, healing and restoration

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Dear Heavenly Father,
I humbly come before you and ask for your forgiveness in any role that I played or sin that I committed in deed, word or thought in this unwanted divorce. Abba, Father! I actually include this to include my entire life — my childhood, my teens as well as my marital years — I repent from any daily actions, decisions, sins of the flesh, punishments, grudges and stubborn bouts of unforgiveness and judgement rendered verbally or in my mind as well as my pharisee/hypocrite type behavior that may have intentionally or unintentionally caused harm or hurt as well as I repent from my flaring temper or harsh words exchanged or even the entertainment of negative thoughts that either knowingly or unknowingly hurt or wounded any person, neighbor, family member and especially those in my immediate family — my ex-spouse and my children.

I repent from allowing my flesh to become weak and therefore more susceptible and possibly more pliable to the devil’s whispers of lies, deceit, deception and manipulation. I see now that I could have also been used to go against those that I loved so dearly. I realize that anything that was either intentionally or unintentionally divisive, controlling, draining, confusing, chaotic, slandering, manipulative — all negative forces that brought fear of man/others as well as their approval was designed by the devil to distract and take away my eyes and ears and attention from You, Father, too many times. I am exhausted Father of the devils schemes and ask for Your Divine Mercy, Grace, Rest, Peace and Joy as well as the Holy Spirit to fill me and cover me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Father, I bind and rebuke any claim or foothold including any ancestral curses that the devil has had on me, my family or any other relative(s) or associate(s)/friend(s) that are close and dear to me – – and through the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and through his perfect sacrifice, that these dark forces/spirits and its bonds/blockages/strongholds/chains be immediately loosened from its grip, power, influence, and any ability over all of us to be nulled/cancelled and cast down and thrown down to the pits of hell by the righteousness and law and decree of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For it is by our faith and my faith and surrendering of our hearts and my surrender to Your Only Son, Jesus Christ, who died for me and all, was resurrected and is the only Truth, Way and Life, that we and I have an inheritance into the Heavenly Kingdom and are given that right to claim. We and I were bought for and Jesus paid the price for our sins. We are the head not the tail and we are given the ability to tread upon the serpent’s head. Jesus is already the victor and has won the battle and we are his overcomers. I thank you, Father, that you are the Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End. The Author and Perfecter of my life. You giver and sustainer of life and my life. You are the First and the Last.

I also pray, Heavenly Father, that you continue to have your hand on this combative divorce process with my ex-spouse constantly fighting your favorable final judgement that was rendered at the end of 2018 and should have been finished and finalized yet is being challenged seemingly without end with his motions and appeals. I pray that you turn this situation as you turn other storms from a direct hit into a good and positive outcome for your honor and glory. I pray that you will provide Heavenly wisdom and discernment upon any judge, lawyer or persons appointed to this case. And that You, Father, will be my judge, jury and executioner. And will have the ultimate authority not my ex or my ex’s lawyer on the fate of myself or my children. I stand on Your promise that You will never forsake me or leave me, your daughter. Father, I realize that I must be in a purification process in the wilderness and that You will stand with me, alongside me, before me and behind me and within me at all times and deliver me from this at Your time and Your will. I know that we all are immensely flawed and You, Father, do not see me differently then you do my ex. I also realize that we are all bent in the same direction and either one or two steps away from committing the same sin(s). I humbly ask for your deliverance, Father, that the seas are calmed and the storm is abated and that I am delivered from the evil one and the constant attacks that are coming against me and my children.

Therefore, I humbly ask for you to take up sword and battle against those who come against me and the children. I also humbly ask for your constant provision, protection and guidance as well as to continually lift us up to higher ground, provide a safe haven as well as to go before us and pave a way from the temptations that strike me, my ex as well as my children.

I also ask for a renewal of my mind and a deliverance from my double-mindedness in this process. I ask for forgiveness, Father, when I am praying to You, asking for Your help, casting my cares unto You, letting go of control to You, handing my heart over to You, telling You that I trust in You and that I have faith in You and that I am even resting in You — YET almost daily I sink back into a frustration, anxiousness, negative thoughts that may even cancel out blessings and sometimes allow crippling fear that the enemy tries whispering in my ear.

I am also petitioning for divine heavenly supernatural protection over my children {Andrew, Christopher and Ryan} and their blessed health, body,mind and fruitful paths with you; over my pets {Buddy and Bella} and their blessed health, body, mind and fruitful paths with you, over my marital house/home that is up for sale and that you, Father, will continue to be my real estate agent and decide it’s final selling date; over the entire property that the house sits on and that you will keep, Father, the grounds and surrounding safe, free and clear of any trouble; over my job and advancement, promotion and its continued security; over my finances and its advancement and promotion and its covering of all bills and provisions to daily, monthly and yearly expenses and living; and over any and all needed provisions and protection for the house, home, car, health, and pets.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for hearing my prayers and for tilling my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. And may the answers to our prayers come speedily, mightily and swiftly yet in Your time and perfect will. For all honor and glory are yours for ever and ever … IN JESUS’ ALMIGHTLY NAME, AMEN.

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