Prayer for Divine Healing in My soul, body and Mind

by Chinyere (Rochester Hills, MI, USA)

I am asking Yahweh to take ALL curses, generational curses, self inflicted curses off me and my families lives. I am asking that God will send all of my sisters in Christ, sister-in-laws and friends Husbands and wives. I am asking the Good LORD above to save my son and husband and fill them up will the Holy Spirit.

Give my family Salvation name by name one by one including myself. Lord I am needing a miracle from what happen to me 3 yrs ago. Lord I need a healing and deliverance from demonic forces that attack me daily. LORD JESUS I loose the angels of Heaven to help me fight this battle I am in.

LORD I am also asking that you grant me the fruit of the womb to have all 7 kids as you have promised me. LORD JESUS thank YOU for ALL you have done for me and continue to do in Your name JESUS I pray and ask AMEN!