Prayer for Divine Healing and Restoration of My Marriage

by Deb (Canada)

Dear God,

I come to you with a heavy heart and a weary soul. Tired from crying, fasting and praying for my marriage. The bible says you are the great healer and I believe wholeheartedly in your word. Come and heal my marriage. I love my husband deeply and do not want to loose him. My husband left home 7 months ago and wouldn’t come home despite all my efforts. We had a disagreement, things spiraled out of control and led to him leaving and his family has supported him by acts of omission and commission. I don’t understand this as we were in a happy place before that incident and can’t wrap my head around the sudden change and hardness of heart. We are only 2 and a half years in marriage.

Lord I am asking that the resurrection power of my Lord and Saviour Jesus be at work in my marriage to bring alive all that the devil has tried to kill, steal and destroy. I ask that the blood of Jesus paralyze every hindering spirit against the restoration of our marriage and that you oh Lord will send your ministering spirits on assignment to my husband to minister forgiveness and to heal him. Things seem so messy and far gone right now – the relationship between us and our families- but you are God of the dry bones and I declare that this bone shall live again. Let no one be able to separate us for your word says what God has joined together let no man put asunder. I pray this in your name for my marriage and all the trouble marriages on this platform. Open the floodgates unto us and flood our homes with healing, love and divine restoration so we shall return with praise and thanksgiving. Amen

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