Prayer for Divine Guidance & Favor

by Will (Maryland)

Lord, without you I can do nothing. My life is in your hands. I admit that at times i have ignored your voice but i have confessed my sins and pursue you each day allowing your Holy Spirit to guide me through the truth of your word. I know that you love me and i love you and I’m confident in my knowledge of you. Therefore I know your peace. And for that I am thankful grateful and honor your holy name.

Lord, I am in need of your help. I have been unemployed since November. I lost my job because of their unethical practices. I stood for my beliefs and was mocked for it. I just recently started a cleaning business and I hope to gain some clients soon. But it’s still new and my family and I are in need of a real financial breakthrough.

My wife income is the only money that we have coming in currently and its putting a major strain on our lives and family. So I ask for you Lord to also open up a new door (job) for me where my gifts/talent can be used to draw income. Please open up an opportunity where i will rejoice in my work, which is a gift from you God. I want to be able to establish financial stability for me and my family. Also please give me the wisdom and understanding to get out of debt. Help me Lord to see the right way for us.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.
In Jesus Name. Amen

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