Prayer for direction and to make the right choices

by Charlielou ()

Please prayer for strength emotionally. During this covid-19 my life has fell apart and I have developed severe depression. A mix of events has caused me to feel this way. I have been made redundant due to the pandemic and a close family member that I provide caring duties for is being tested for cancer. On top of that I have drifted apart from friends and I try to make an effort with my parents and siblings but they do not want anything to do with me. I feel so lonely and I literally have no direction in my life. I ask you to please pray that God will lift me out of this depression. That God will lead me to his paths he wants me to be on regarding employment and relationships. Please also pray that I feel less lonely. That my family make more of an effort with me. Being practically abandoned by your own family it hurts more than anything and I just want to be close to them and be included in the family unit. Also pray for good news regarding my family member who is being tested for cancer. I need God to give me strength to get through every day because each day that goes by it just gets harder and harder. I try to draw closer to Jesus every day but I feel like there is a wall between us. Please pray I can feel God’s love and protection daily to give me the strength I need emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to be a faithful Christian. Amen.

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