prayer for direction and restoration

by Ages (Enugu State, Nigeria)

Most Holy pure and sacred heart of my Lord Jesus Christ hear my prayer. Answer me as I call on you. Please God restore unto me the good virtues the enemy has stolen from me. Help me to live a life pleasing unto you.

Please step into my relationship of 3 years stabilise, rearrange, reorder and establish the love, trust and togetherness you put in us in the beginning. Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Rekindle our love for you and for each other. Let forgiveness be abundant between us. O sacred heart of Jesus, teach me your ways unto all things.

please bless our endeavours. Grant us success in all we lay our hands to do. Help us to communicate honestly and sincerely to each other. Bless our families and other individuals wherever they may be AMEN

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