Prayer for direction and guidance

by Nancy (Australia)

To My Father in Heaven,

I thank you Oh Lord for giving this privilege to come here and dedicate a prayer to you.
Father in Heaven I thank you for my three beautiful children that you gave me. I made you a promise that if I was given a chance to be a mother that I will do my best to bring them up in Your Presence.

They have been my rock , the reason why I wake up each day . I give you thanks Dear Lord for loving me so much for showing me yourself every time I feel down and lost. I give you thanks for never abandoning me in times when I felt alone and scared.

Dear Lord I ask you to be with me tomorrow and Thursday as I do the workshop. Dear Lord please be my voice so that whatever comes out is from you. Dear Lord please care for my children whilst I’m concentrating on my studies.

I know it’s your will for me to study again. Father please bless the teachers and the other students.
Keep my family and children safe please Dear Lord.
I love you with all my heart and I know you know that.
I say all these in thy name