prayer for difficult relationship

by Sandra (Bronx Newyork)

dear lord i come to thee in favor that you blessed my difficult relationship with family freinds and loved ones in marriage or common law partners that you give all the guardian angels dominion and place them in charge to combat over see all my afflictions the dispairs my complications my miscommunications thee combative behaviors the hurtful words rebuke them in jesus name and that they be no room left in our tongues mouths hearts minds for any decietfulness sinful acts lack of communications hurtful painful words that you will fill our mouths minds spirits hearts homes full of love joy blessful loving words respect love joy trust and beliefs most of all annointed powerful communication in what ever challenges we face by given us peace of mind greater understanding of gods love towards ech other with out hurtful words make the complicated uncomplicated difficult undifficult the unexplain explain misunderstood understood.and lets us not go one day unexpress but to express our truthful feelings needs wants and love every single day. for in jesus name we pray i thank thee lord for hearing my prayer,

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