Prayer for Devotion, Strength, Forgiveness, Patience, and Employment

by MC (Louisville, KY)

God. . . Help me to recognize the Power of You in my daily life, to find your work and bountiful gifts all around me. Help me to understand that loss, heartache, and falling down are all a part of the process of gain, love, and perseverance. That I am merely a vessel through which Thy Will be done. Please watch over my sister, as I have missed her these last six years. She is truly one of your children that you have called home. I will see her again, in Your Grace, and may some day fully understand why she was taken away from us so early in life.

Please grant me forgiveness for turning away from You and Your Word, in a time when I needed you most. That Your Love is Endless and that You are always there to watch after me, as I am in need of the comfort and stability that only Your Love can provide. Forgive me for the hate that I have harbored and the overwhelming feelings of loss that have pervaded my every thought. Make me whole again, so that I might help others to sustain life through all of the hurt and anger as You have sustained me.

Grant me patience to understand that life truly is a journey; a journey that is nomadic without Your Guiding Hand to show us to the light. That the blessed gifts that you have given me will not be wasted on the trivial. . that You are always there guiding us in your omniscient awareness of all of us. That you truly do understand our wants and needs and that no fulfillment ever comes without the light of Your countenance upon us.

Please grant me the ability to know or understand the path that I need to take. You have held my hand through college, grad-school, divorce, death, love, heartache, euphoria, and depression so that we might understand the breadth and beauty of our place in Life. That Life is just the beginning of our journey with the one being that will always care and sustain us through our darkest hours. Please help me to find employment that will fulfill me emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially, that I might go forth and help others to know that I was saved. . . that even I have meaning to You, and in Your Grace, all of us can be saved. Allow me to serve Your Will on Earth, and teach me to realize that search for true happiness is not a journey that I walk alone.

Lord, let your Grace and Eternal Love wash over me. Please wash away my sins and make me whole. Let me realize that my life has really just begun, as I have decided to let you back into my life, and thank you in that you have patiently waited for me to do so. . . waiting for me to rejoin you, despite all of my previous frailties, misunderstandings, and rejections of Your Word.

I love you Lord, and ask for you to begin my healing process. All of this I ask in Your Name with eternal gratitude and thank you for not giving up on me when even I had given up on myself. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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