Prayer for Desperately Needing God at This Time

by Amber (Pensacola, Fl, Usa)

I ask that someone pray for me, my name is amber i’m currently facing a hard time in my life, i am charged with child abuse which my daughter was coached to say a lot of things about me that wasn’t true, she was given to her father and step mother by child services and they ignored my request by not helping me when i needed it,

now im facing prison i have a 9 month old son and also i am currently pregnant and i have to go to court on 7/30/13 at 8:30 a.m. for a plea, im taking it to trial to try to fight with my daughter and ask the lord to show favor upon me and bring her back and place my enemies under my feet, on top of that my husband is not supporting me he is very abusive and not helping me take care of my child,

i’m currently pregnant and have a 9 month old child, he stole money from me and brags about him having money in my face, and im sitting here struggling, my license was taking away from me, i have no money, and im facing prison for false allegations and i need the lords help right now!!!!