Prayer for Desperate Parents in Need of Financial Hel

by Heather (Boynton Beach,Fl. US)

My husband and I are drowning in debt. We have two young children ages one and five, we have absolutely no help from anybody. My five year old is autistic. I was working up until I found out I was pregnant with my second child, my employer terminated me after they found out I was two months pregnant.

My husband has tried the best he could but I was always the bread winner. Our car is repossessed, we are near disconnection on all utilities, we can barely put food on the table. I have prayed repeatedly asking assistance God but thus has been going on for two years and only getting worse. Our property taxes are not paid, our house insurance is cancelled and we live in South Florida.

We need a lump sum of cash to pay our debtors and fix our financial mistakes and to put food on the table. Please God, I need your help immediately,please hear my prayer and please help ASAP.
Thank You