Prayer for Desperate Need of Help and Faith

by Tina (NJ)

I lost my grandson to a violant family after believing God would not let that happen. My daughters boyfriend beat her a few times and even was arrested for assault and was put into county prison for it. My grandson was awarded to us in an Emergency Custody suite.

I prayed and prayed for God to keep it that way so that he would stay safe. I am so afraid for his safety and well being. I prayed God would bless me to support my family and open my daughters eyes to the abuse so she would see what was going on so it would stop for her also but instead we went to court and we lost our grandson because they said they we going to go to a counslor.

They haven’t even started going. Why would God put an inocent 6 month old baby into such a bad situation. I believed him when he said I will never leave you nor forsake you now he took my grandson and put him in a bad bad place why?

I so believed that our God said he would never leave me nore forsake me yet he did… he left me … I went into that court room and listened to them admit to the violance and still watched them get that baby why … why would a God

a God of love do this … Why would he take an inocent beautiful baby boy and put him in a place were he could

get hurt .. I thought he loved us I thought he cared I believed so deeply and knew in my heart that he could do all

things and instead he took him and placed him in harms way…. why would a God who is suppose to love us do this

…. I am lost and confused …. why did he leave me when I needed him …. he said he would’nt … now I am not

even being allowed to see my grandson ever again …. does this sound like a loving God a caring God?

I am lost, I never knew my heart could hurt with so much pain …. I never knew God would turn his back

on me … I believed in him and he left me and my grandson … why? Someone please tell me why ?