Prayer for Desperate Broken Hearts

by Marco (Florida)

Heavenly Father, I am not worthy of your love, yet I know you will take care of us and love us unconditionally. I humbly ask for your forgiveness for my sins, shortcomings and mostly for doubting your presence in my life.

Please send me your Holy Spirit to increase my faith and belief that my family’s broken hearts will be sheltered by Your love.

I ask you to grant me the strength and guidance to support my wife and kids through this transitional crisis. You have blessed me abundantly with the most perfectly amazing wife and children and it is unbearable for me to imagine the pain I have caused.

For this I humbly request your mercy and healing breath into our hearts. That we may stay united as a family despite our separation, that we may seek to understand, forgive and love. That you may quench our thirst, feed our hunger and clear our minds of disruptive thoghts, when your presence in our hearts is all we need.

We petition humbly in the name of your son Jesus.


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