Prayer for Desires of My Heart


Dear Father,

I ask that you bless my womb with a child. Since I can remember my only wish was to have a child of my own. I have been told that this is virtually impossible but I know that you can do all things, in Jesus’ name. I ask that you rebuke whatever blockages that are held against me to conceive. I ask not only for a healthy prenancy but also for a healthy birth. I repent for all the sins I have done against you and all those that I am unaware of.

I ask that you bless my partner and I with the gift of creating another life. I will forever be greatful and will raise he/she in your image. I will give others testimony of your blessings and your power over all man. I will pray in agreeance with others wanting to conceive just as I. I give myself whole-heartedly in the mission to conceive but I am nothing compared to your divine power. You are my only option Father, I know no other that can produce such a miracle as yourself.

I depend solely on you and not man. Only you can feel the pain which lies inside my heart and soul. I asked that you soothe that pain by granting me the desires of my heart. Not the desire of riches or those of vanity; my only desire is for a child. I have faith that you have heard my prayers and the prayers of others just like me. I hope and pray that you have favour over us and bless us with a fruitful womb.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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