prayer for deliverance from imprisonment and strongholds

Dear God

I come to your in the most humble way I know and I ask that you forgive me, my loved ones, strangers and those against me for all the sins we have committed. I ask that you continue to use me and mold me into the soldier you need me to be in this spiritual battle..

Lord you said if only a few come together to intercede on anothers behalf you would work miracles for that person and that faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountain and to also ask and believe and I shall receive. Lord I intercede right now for Crystal and Brandon, Lord I need you to delivery them from imprisonment any strongholds that may be put upon them.

Satan I rebuke you in the name of jesus christ of nazareth!!. You cant have them!! We are my father’s children and through christ all things are possible.Lord I desperately call upon your holy name, please help them.

I plead the blood of jesus over our minds bodies and spirits lord. You are our rock and salvation lord we need you in the name of jesus christ of Nazareth,, AMEN