Prayer for Deliverance from Evil

by Steven ()

Come to Jesus Christ and he can do it all right, wrong, and its not my faith, its his angels who are a bunch of screw ups.

Every time I do something for God the demons step in and do something evil, over the past 5 years over 6500 prayers have been said with Jesus name tied to them Matthew 18:19, Matthew 21:22 and this to shall come to pass, well it better casue if it dont, God can go curse someone elses life and rob them blind like he has me,

in Jesus name I pray amen

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for delivernace form dirt and disorder

    Please pray that I have a terrible curse that wherever I stay every thing will be disorder dirty I fear cleanliness and feel uncomfortalbe in a clean place . please pray that I will be out of it . Pray that god gives me a gift to organize and keep the place wherever I am in neat and clean order.

    This curse is with my huband and children therefore thinks becomes bad to worse.Please pray that we all will be out of it.

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