Prayer for Deliverance from evil perception, heart and tongue, and family members’ jealousy and bigotry

by KFR (NY, NY)

Help please. Suffered effecs of spiritual warfare/attack since a frend invited me to stay with her. The woman has an alternative lifestyle and everyone has gotten it in their heads that I am with her ;or am going to be. Very strange. Gd Gave me shelter from a negative situation and these people are ruiining for me.

I cannot stay at my places as they are not holy or on holy ground. Now, the woman evades me like the plague in her own space. If I have to leave, them where am I going to go? My mother’s god-daugher caused me to lose my job by insinuating or agreeing with others that I was with the assistant director of the place at which I workd.

I was fired. Later, when things got worse for me in terms of caring of my mom, her god-daughter was shocked to hear that I had never been with the other woman; the next week, I got a second art-time job. She just threatened me via text t o inform me that she knows where my second job is and that she met tw professors there.

I believe that my mother’s go-daughter is a woman who loves same-sex relationships and who does not respect the boundaries of decency even though she is married.. She wanted to know the address of the woman at whose house I a staying. She wanted to visit her. The woman said that she does not trust her. Now, the woman and I are at odds; My mother’s god-daugter has never invited me to stay with her, yet she cleans up and tells me about it when her best friend comes to town.

She met the woman at whose house I am staying and told us publicy at a business event that she was just making sure that what Ihad said about the woman being mentored by me was true. The woman heard her and was offended. I need for this woman’s energy to be wiped from my life even though she is my mother’s goddaughter.

She is not of God. Please pray for my deliverance.Please pray for the healing of the friendship between the woman at whose home I am staying and me. Please. Thank you. My mother’s god-daughter is a lesbian who pretends that she is not and then attacks me because she wants to control me. Help. I need a miracle. Too many ruptured relationships because this person is aware of my every move in life