Prayer for Deliverance from Debt

by Peter (Chennai)

Almighty God I come before you in praise, worship and adoration. Thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ

to grant us peace, forgiveness from our sins and a place in your family. Thank you for sending the holy spirit
to guide us and empower us in our daily life. You suffered all trails and tormentation for our sins. I now place myself and each and every member of my family under the cross of Jesus Christ and cover ourselves with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Please help me Lord to come out of my debt. You know the problem that I am facing right now. Please show me the way to come out of this debt.The evil power is trying to lay a trap but as your presence is there with me nothing can touch me. Lord please come to my aid and destroy all the forces of the evil one that is standing against me.

In Jesus name I ask you Father Amen.


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  1. Prayer for debt freedom

    Lord Jesus, help me to be able to pay my debt, because i believe in your miracle in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Debt and deliverance prayer

    God please help me out Im sinking on debt father God I’m your child iv born again forgive my sins and bless me with money to pay all debt so I can also give in your house I honor your name I believe that Jesus Christ died and rise again for my sins I’m covered under the blood god deliver me amen

  3. Prayer request

    Heavenly Father, I cry out to you as my only source of help. You know what I am going through. I ask you to release your holly spirit to take care of our financial problems, where ever our finances have been buried, up root and release them to us in Jesus’s name. Where ever the energy have put a lock in our lives, father God I beleive in your miracle, unlock it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  4. Prayer to get out of debt

    Father I thank you. I’m in debt and you know it. I have a stubborn heart and I’m afraid to follow your ways and do what you tell me to to get out of debt. I repent of my fear and I ask you for the strength to face them in Jesus name. Please give me the courage to get out of all of my debt and help my family get out of debt also in Jesus name.

    Nothing is too hard for you. Thank you.


  5. Deliverance from debt

    My father I trust in you completely for help as I have no one to turn to. Lord forgive me and have mercy on me, lord bring me out of this mess that I may praise you more I have no job but lord I believe in your helping hands I ask all these in Jesus name. Amen

  6. Deliverance from Debt

    I need prayer just don’t get enough to pay my debts I am Retired an disabled no one to help but God I Trust Him Amen His Will be done.

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