Prayer for Deliverance from debt and life crisis

by Penny (South Africa)

Dear Lord the last few years have been difficult for me and my family, I couldn’t hold my business and have incurred so much debt in the interim – I can not even do the basic needs for my family, putting food on the table , educating my kids without struggle half the time my rates and taxes are in arrears, this has affected my life with my partner that we do not even trust each other anymore.

Every time I would get a project I don’t know what I’m doing with my money, On several occasions it was prophesied that I was cursed and I believe that with your power this curse can be removed from my life forever through the blood of Jesus Christ. I believed in life restoration and have acknowledged that you the only God who has mighty power, who always keeps to his promises that He will never forsake us.

Through prayer to sacred Heart and to saint Joseph I request that you help me sell lot of land that was purchased in 2006 and help be get truthful and honest buyers so that I do this profitably and be able to start afresh.

My son is writing his matric and would love to study journalism next year I can only help him to realise his dream through your divine blessings and for my daughter to help her prosper and assist them to excel in their exams. I humbly ask you to grant my prayer in Jesus name ….Amen.