Prayer for deliverance from alcoholism

my husband Lawrence is an alcoholic and he is very much out of control, he has been saying many mean and hurtful things because he feels so bad about himself.

I am working with the women in our church getting ready for our annual retreat and the enemy is at work in my husband. His drinking is out of control he has been on a two day binge not eating or sleeping just drinking constantly.

Please pray that he realizes what he is saying and that he hit the bottom of the barrel and start to sober up. please pray for his salvation, he does not know the Lord.

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  1. Praying for my husband Tyrones deliverance from alcohol

    Please be in prayer for my husband. He hides liquor and drinks beer daily. His family abuses drugs and alcohol and know one seems to want deliverance. I believe God can perform a miracle suddenly. i fast and pray and it sometimes I feel he gets worse but I’m believing God for the impossible!

  2. Praying for my husband Gibson’s deliverance from alcohol

    My husband is a very proud and intelligent person. He believes that he can stop alcohol on his own, it’s been u17years and he’s still drinking. He loves me and his 2 boys, he cannot survive a day without alcohol. I am scared that he’s going to loose his life and us. I have been praying for him to stop but with no luck! Please help, pray for him!

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