Prayer for deliverance for my husband, bless the work of His hands

Jesus, How i would express that i love you while i write to you this morning. Amidst the chaos in life, you have send your Divine Love and Peace that keeps us going and alive each day.

Pray that you Bless each and every earnest prayer in this site. Pray that you bless them at the right time before they quit offering prayers. I ask this in Jesus’ Name.. Amen !
Jesus, you know the situation in my husbands life, how it has affected our family and extensions. Pray that you take away all the work of evil spirit from his life. Thank you for blessing him with goodness and cheerfulness. Thank you for his good health. Thank you for his handsomeness. Thank for for him being a good father to my kids, Thank you for him being a good husband. Jesus, bless him with prosperity and success ahead so that he feels worthy in his life.Bless so that all the debts and liablities in his name vanishes the morning that you bless us with. Bless him to find the fruit of his hands. Bless him to be a blessing for us. Jesus, in this circumstance, i pray for that friends husband who is in trouble now. Deliver them as soon from their issues in your name Jesus. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus. Help us to rejoice in your name, to celebrate your victory, celebrate your glory. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit , Amen

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