Prayer for deliverance for a 17 year old boy

by Dhruv ()

I am a 17 year old boy who has been facing severe demonic opression.My mind has become a battle ground full of fearful and morbid thoughts.I have a severe case of hypochondria and anorexia.I have been deprived of all peace and happiness.I have lost sight of all my goals and my life has become purposeless.I feel hopeless and defeated .Earlier I used to be a very lively and happy boy but now I am always dull and depressed.I have become lethargic and lifeless and find no joy in doing the things I loved doing before .It’s like satan is wreaking havoc in my life and it’s very frustrating.Please pray that I be delivered of all opression and no longer be bound by fear .Pray that I receive the spirit of power, love and a sound mind .Pray that I live a glorious and victorious life in Jesus’ name .Amen