Prayer for Debt Relief

by Chris (Virginia)

Most precious and holy God, I love you and thank you for my life. Thank you for being the provider and ruling sustain-er of all things past, present, and yet to come. Father I pray for all these people who have posted prayers to you for relief of their debt, their financial woes, and for those who are seeking employment so that they can provide for their families. Thank you Lord for this opportunity pray for all of these precious people, and the fact that I know that you are a loving God who meets the needs of his children. Lord I ask for myself that you would relieve the debts that I have accumulated, and help me to be not only a wise steward of the money that you have entrusted to me, but help me to be a wise steward of my time, and my talents that you have entrusted to me as well. In Jesus most precious and holy name, Amen.

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