Prayer for Debt, Financial Burden Relief and Share

by Stacey (SC)

Dear Lord Jesus. You know of my sins against my loving family. I rejoice that you are coming to my aid and that I am witnessing this with my heart. I am grown in strength knowing that all is forgiven in You.

I come to you on bended knee and pray for my financial relief and the means to share of Your love to others and the most important people who share Your love through my child. You spoke to my through her mouth this morning and I still grow weak and fear but know that my faith and trust in You increases each day. Thank you for the daily devotion and scripture that is of what I am praying for in my time of crises.

I ask you Father to make my debt burdens all gone all past and present. Never to have debt again except for in Your mercy. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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