Prayer for Debit

by Joe (Watford Uk)

I thank you father God lord of heaven and earth that you say if a man ask for a fish you will not give me a stone because you love us so much lord so much we will never know till we arrive in heaven.

We give you father God praise for providing us our daily bread and keep us safe from harm from the one who comes to kill steal and destroy.

Lord heavenly father Thanks to you in advance that you have broken the spirit of lack and bad money management on my life I thanks you Lord that I will not want but have abundance in my life and be blessed to be a blessing to others. Father God of Jesus this prayer is to break the spirit of poverty that grips most of those who have fallen into the financial problems like my self.

God I know and trust that you have provided for me and those in similar situations.
You tell us you have not because you ask not father I am asking for me and others I also ask that you show us how to manage money the best way so that we will be a blessing to those in need and be kingdom builders for your glory. In Jesus mighty name.

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