Prayer for Day of Atonement 10/5/2022

by Derrick ()

I want to Praise and Thank God for setting me free, helping me see, healing me, and helping me thru so much. I want to ask for me, my entire family, and anyone else he is willing as well to receive every good thing. Even that he helps us all to repent and help us all turn from our sins, keeping us in our ways forever more. Hence to never cast us out, down, into desolation or anything worse. I recognize he knows all my sins and the easiest way I know to be right with him, is simply to agree with him, lest I might err in ignorance, confusion, or pride. Therefore I repent of all that he knows I’ve done and he knows I ask for him to keep me in all my ways. I also ask that he forgives all these others and even helps all those in my family repent, gain wisdom, eyes that can see, ears that can hear, and the knowledge to prevail with God, to overcome with God… I ask that all of us get every good thing he is willing to provide. That he protects us from the bad less he is using it to sharpen the iron but still gently so. I pray that he helps all those poor in the world, spirit, or both. Even those who have suffered less or greater than I have. Thank you for forgiving me and helping my family. I’ve prayed for nearly everything I can think of so you would keep me, not cast me down, away, into desolation and the likes. You also know I don’t want to be without you and I am thankful for any visit, even any you might send to help me. Thank you for loving me, even if it is just who you are… Thanks to those willing to pray for me, my family, and even the world. Blessings and Love

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