Prayer for David, an addict with mental illness,and spiritual affliction

by Elizabeth (California)

Please pray for my son David. He is an 18 year college freshman. He is taking pills, abusing alcohol, and using club drugs. He also suffers from depression and anxiety. He has refused to follow through with treatment and does not acknowledge the dangers of what he is doing. An 18 old friend, named David who was attending the same college died last Sunday morning in his sleep after taking pills with alcohol. My son David refuses to acknowledge the danger of his poor choices. He will listen to no one and has never believed that we his family do not love him. His father turned his back on David, and has never been a part of his life. David also suffers from spiritual affliction, as he recently admitted that he no longer believes in God and refuses to accept the gifts that the Lord our God has for prepared for us. My son is so lost and I am desperate to help deliver him from his addiction and spiritual affliction.

I thank you in advance for your kindness and consideration in praying for my lost son.

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