Prayer for Daughter’s Temper

by Mary (Penna)

I am 65 and have lived with my oldest daughter for the past 9 years. I sold my home and gave her the money to build a home and I would live there with her and husband to be. They divorced less than 2 years later. I lived with my daughter in her next home. She has remarried and once again I live with her and the new husband. In the past 4 years she had demanded that I leave her house.

She curses and uses foul language, and calls me a liar.

Her temper is out of controll. I have no where else to go. No other family member can take me in, and my daughter knows this. I live on a very small amount of Social security and food stamps. I can’t even afford a rented room.

When she gets this way, I leave and stay in my car until late at night. When I go back into the house, I live in fear that she will become violent one of these times. She never apologises, and just pretends nothing has happened. She is emotionally abusive to me and her new husband. He always takes her side just to keep the peace. She is even more cruel to him.

She need immediate anger controll help. I need a place of my own to live while I can still take care of myself, I am scared, exhausted, and feel very fradgile. My health is not very good. I actually pray to win a lottery so I can be free of this burden. I amd despart. My church has been of little help. I’ve given up on Mass. I pray every day…all day long….but find nothing for me in the church any more.

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  1. Talk to a trusted priest

    You cannot continue to live this way. Please talk to a trusted priest about this situation. There has to be something someone can do to help you. Also speak to any religious sisters in the area for help. If you live near Catholic Social Services talk to them as well.

  2. Dont give up

    My heart goes out to you. Remember that you are not alone and that The Lord is always at your side. Please dont give up on mass or praying. Sometimes you might not ser his help in your curcimstances but it is there. It is there in the message you get in church, the encouraging thought that tells you to hold on. That is The Lord.

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