Prayer for daughter’s protection from all danger and harm and end to addictions.

Dear God, We know that you are hearing our prayer and you are our hope and salvation. We are fearful for our daughter’s life that is a gift from you. She is also a mom to a beautiful 2 year old daughter who continues to fill our lives with joy and laughter, another blessing from You.

But our lives have become filled with great despair and fear that her life could be taken from her by others that wish to do her great harm, or from a drug addiction that she chooses to battle on her own. She has had great trauma in her life at the hands of others. We feel totally helpless and hopeless. We pray to You dear Father, that she will be protected and restored to a life of safety, free of addictions and enabling her to be the mother and daughter that you so intended her to be.

Please Holy Father be our strength, help us to hear You and to do as You ask. Help us to get her to a safe place that will help her to heal, body and soul! All in your time oh Lord! Amen

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