prayer for daughter’s low self esteem & computer problems

Hi could you continue to pray for us on our property search that the Lord provide us and Bless us with a good home quick in the right area and that He remove all attacks obstacles off this family by His Precious Blood and esp off me and His daughter.

Lord let her be able to feel and laugh again remove the NUMBNESS & wrong ppl and WRONG FRIENDS AWAY FROM US and deliver her from every evil attack and c.u.r.s.e. and torment of the devil and send it back where it originated NOW & off her kid & her marriage.

REMOVE THESE OTHERS OFF THEIR MARRIAGE GIVE HER UR WISDOM TO DO WHATS RITE WITH EVERYTHING. Heal us totally from top of heads to soles of our feet FROM EVERY ASSIGNMENT and no weapon formed vs. us will prosper.

Lord cover and protect us our property, finances,FUTURE with Your blood have Your WILL with everything and Bless all those here that truely Pray Amen. thank you Is.54v17