Prayer for Daughter’s employment

by Sally (Wisconsin)

Dear Heavenly Father – Thank you for all of your kindness, love and strength you have given to my daughter as she has spread her wings and left the saftey of our small town and moved to the inner city of Chicago where she has been helping abused women and children. You led her to a temporary job, knowing she would help many while there.

She is searching today for new employment, so she can once again help others that are in desperate need. I stand firmly on the promise that you will use her wisdom, bravery, thoughtfulness and passion to your benefit, and something will aline with her need. She is facing hardship, with grad school loans, living expenses, etc. and I know you will Bless her as you have always done.

I Praise and Trust you Lord to watch over her, and provide financial security for her very soon. In your most Holy name – Amen.

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