Prayer for daughter to pass class

by Sandy (Pueblo Co.)

Dear St. Jude Iam praying desparately for my daughter to pass this last nursing class so that she can graduate the RN program. She is struggling so hard with this class and has already had to repeat it and another class.

If she doesnt get a high score on the next two tests she will fail and to make matters more stressful she is pregnant. St Jude I know your power, you have answered my prayers before and I ask that you intercede for me to the Almighty Father.

Amen. I promise to encourage devotion to you.

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  1. thank you ST Jude

    Thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayer my daughter passed her exam. May devine glory be yours

  2. Prayer to pass nursing class

    Dear St. Thomas the Aquinas,

    I am praying desperately to pass my peds nursing class. This is the second time I’m taking it. I failed this class last year when I was pregnant with my second child, but I know that it was God’s way to give me more time to take care of my newborn and 2 year old daughter. I want to continue to provide for my family here in the US and in the Philippines.
    I left my kids everyday to go to the library to study day and night. I truly put a lot of effort and I gave my best. But the final was very difficult and I know that I need (another) miracle like the miracle you gave me on my second exam (I failed but when I reviewed, I saw a calculation error in my grade. And i miraculously pass).

    I pray to you St. Thomas the Aquinas almost every time before I study and before I take an exam. You’ve been there for me every time. I know my teacher is about to post our grade, and I truly need your help again. Please please please I’m praying that I get Atleast an 80.7 on my final exam and I pray that it’s good enough to pass this class and move on to my last year of nursing program.

    I pray that you help my auntie cye as she try to intercede to Almighty God.

    I promise when I become a nurse to give back my service as a nurse to all medical mission that I can attend.


  3. My daughter to pass her algebra course

    Dear St Jude I pray to you for my daughter to pass her algebra course today. She’s been struggling and she’s needs to pass in order to go on to fulfill her requirements for chemistry to pursue a degree in nutrition.

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