prayer for daughter to be blessed

by Mrs. Lenin ()

Dear brother,

i have come to you with tears in my eyes and with a broken heart.

I am a working mother of a 7 yr old daughter Marsha and 6 months old son Santosh.

I always felt priviliged to be blessed by a girl and boy.

But now i realize that was my mistake. Both me and my husband are blessed with a quick mind and fast learning abilities. We can learn and understand things much faster than people around us. both have good academic qualifications and good job with blessing of jesus.

We always thought, since we are good at what we do–> our children will also grow up to be a person who is intelligent and smart.

but when i look at the behaviour and intelligence of my 7 yr old daughter marsha–> i realize this is wrong.

both me and my husband spend so much of time teaching her. but in the end, marsha is very careless, lazy and has a mind of her own. she does not like to study, write or do any homework. always grumbles when we ask her to do any studies, always interested in watching t.v or eating snacks.

she is so very careless that she can even write 2+2=3 one day and 2+2=5 one day. this is literally frustating both of us.

even simple concepts is not understood by her. we try our level best to use different methodS to teach her, spoke softly to her, scolded her or what not.. but still her behaviour does not change.
she totally does not remember what instructions we told her to follow.

but when we go out and hear from our friends how good their children are doing academically and getting fantastic marks in the school, me and my husband feel very ashamed.

we really do not know brother what to do wtih our daughter Marsha. it pains our heart very much to scold her or beat her. but she frustates us so much. today i literally cried after seing her do maths questions. so many mistakes..

brother, pls tell me why my daughter marsha is like that. i know you said all children are loved equally by jesus and jesus will take care of them.

but why my daughter Marsha is not blessed with grace of Jesus? why is she behaving so irresponsible? why she does not listen to our humble requests? why is she lazy, uninterested in studies? she even lies to us when we ask her if she studied or not. she is totally clumsy and does not bother what we teach her or when we try to improve her.

we are totally helpless to teach her.

i have really come to you with broken heart. like all parents, i want my daughter marsha to be hardworking and honest girl. i want her to be intelligent and study hard to get good marks in school. i want her to understand how much effort we put up with her. is this too much to expect from our daughter marsha?

pls brother, pray to jesus to bless my daughter marsha and open her mind. open her mind to the positiveness in life.. let her mind be able to grasp and remember every good instructions parents and teachers teach her. let her become hardworking and smart. let her be blessed with your grace and let this miracle happen. jesus pls hold my daughters hand and teach her how to study any subject being taught in school. let her have great interest in studies. pls remove any demon or evil influence on my daughter, remove all hinderance from her path. let success be the result of all her exams from now onwards.

let her grow smart and mature. pls give her grace and understanding to realize our hearts ambision and let her fulfill them too.

god at the same time, heal mine and my husbands broken heart and give us courage. after working very hard the whole day, when we come back home and see our daughter literally struggle with simple maths or english questions, our heart breaks down.

brother, pls request jesus to accept my daughter marsha as his own daughter and guide her into good meaningful path in life.

let her emerge as an intelligent, smart, confident, hardworking and honest girl. with ur and jesus’s blessing all miracles are happened and will be possible.

let ur blessing and grace transform my daughter marsha into a obedient and intelligent.

let all the other parents see my daughter marsha’s behaviour and academic results and be amazed saying she must be a miracle child.

only with your blessing this is possible. jesus so bless and cleanse my daughter marsha’s body, mind and soul. let her flow and filled up with your divine wisdom and knowledge.

pls jesus, let my daughter be successful, content and happy in life.


a mother with broken heart,

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  1. prayer for your daughter to be blessed

    Your life is so stressful but patient.Always remember that God give u a problem like that co’z He knows you can handle it.Just keep on praying,a miracle happen.

  2. Your daughter is perfectly fine!

    I dont see your daughter as the problem. You claim to be smart yourself but I dont understand why you cannot even understand your daughter! Dont force her to accept what you want her to be – You are suppose to “listen” heartily to her unstated needs. She needs a mother who can love her unconditionally. She needs a mother who can be proud of her. She needs a mother who appreciates her presence. She needs a mother who doesnt only see her mistake. She’s too young for you to even conclude that shes no good!
    Most of all, never be bothered as to what other people has to say about her because she is meant for YOU and not for others. Dont be ashamed of what she is because it is an insult to God. Seems like you are saying that God hasnt given you the right thing! Who do you think you are to even question what you received from him?!
    Your frustration doesnt come from your daughter; It comes from your high expectations of her! Dont compare her to you and your spouse. Shes different! Being passive in younger years does not necessarily mean shes good for nothing. She might even be far way better than you when she grows up. Acceptance of her as who she really is, is the solution to your frustration! Academic excellence is never a pre-requisite to be a GOOD PERSON….. Character is more important than that. What you are doing to you daughter now isnt helping her. You are making it worst!

    I will pray for YOU! Your daughter doest need a prayer of help ‘coz she is perfectly fine!

  3. love her- you arent perfect and Godloves you

    have her tested to see if she has learning disabilities- if you are so intwelligent tne use it to helpher- Godgave you this child to help never be ashamedof her use encouragement and praise her. i f indeed something is wrong learn how to makeit better- if she were blind you would learn braille,deaf you would learn sinlang-get the picture. hope so. i will pray for you two as well- you need not be judgemental, you love her unconditionallly-lesson you need tolearn, you are notperfect and God loves you!

  4. Prayer for your daughter

    Dear Jesus, I praise you for the honesty of this mother. Many of us have the same problem with our daughter and according to 1 Cor 10: 13 God you are faithful and we know that only you Lord can help. Please bless Marsha in a special way and all other aprents who are crying out to you.You say that if we ask in faith believing then we shall receive. So father we ask in faith for Marsha’s turn around in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. Blessed Marsha

    Dear Lord,

    i know that a child is a wonderful gift to a parents, pls blessed marsha and show her the right way to you, come to you, blessed also her parents, give them strength and never stop loving and understanding marsha, help them lord.

  6. in agreement

    Dear Father, I ask through the intercession of this couples’ guardian angels, this child’s guardian angel, Mary spouse of Your precious Holy Spirit and Jesus’ mother, and the patron of children and teachers that You place all of the needed knowledge and motivation for this child of Yours. Make her successful. We believe that this glorifies You and I stand in agreement with her parents. Thank you Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  7. Prayer for Marsha

    God, kindly pour your anointing on 7 year old Marsha. Assist her in understanding that you exist and also in fearing you.

    Marsha should know that what ever she does that is including her school work she will be doing it for God. God, give little Marsha wisdom to articulate things in school. Give her intelligence to understand her school work.

    Above all God bless her parents and make them see and appreciate the wonderful gift you gave them. Give them courage to love their daughter the way she is until you have changed her to their expectations. Give them love and patience so that they can assist her with her school work without calling her names. God you said if we call our children names, those bad words will stick and become reality to our children.

    Marsha’s parents must start talking positively to their daughter to allow the change to take place. They must praise her when she does well to encourage her to do well everyday knowing she will get encouraging words.

    In Jesus name I conclude, Amen.

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