Prayer for Daddy

by Abram (Davao City)

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today, I am really in deep pain and grief. For my Father who is the strongest man I know, 61 years of age is battling with Cancer in his digestive tract. If there are really no remedies Father because the doctors told me that is in its 4th Stage. Lord, I knew very well it is You who numbered our days, the exact number of days we live are written in Your book. Lord, whatever Your will is for my father I humbly accept it. But Lord, just as Abraham plead for the people of Sodom and Gommorah, I am pleading also for the my father’s life. Hoping that You can extend it even for a couple of years, if possible lord take years out of my life and give it to my father. Lord, I am asking for your Divine Intervention, hope that my father’s cancer will be strip of his body and come out clean with nothing on the test. Lord, I am asking You and I wait in expectation every moment and second of the day.

This I ask in Jesus Name


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