Prayer for cure for Stage 4 Metatastic Melanoma

by Gail (Maine)

Dear Lord,

I have an inoperable melanoma tumor on my stomach for which I am going to have a CT scan tomorrow.

Father, I pray that you remove my tumor and never allow the enemy cancer to return to my body. I know you have a way when no one else (Drs., etc.) can see a way, therefore, I humbly ask you to perform this miracle for me in your son, Jesus’s holy name. I am believing for this healing and know that through Jesus’s blood on the cross I was already healed and saved and blessed with eternal life. I want to live to be a blessing to my sister who recently lost her husband as well as to my other siblings, friends, and neighbors. I wish to glorify your name and spread your love to everyone I meet.

Thank you dear Lord for your loving kindess, grace, and mercy.