Prayer for court needed

by Karen (Colorado)


I am a 29 year old female who just graduated with a degree in nursing. However I have not been able to retrieve my license without the verdict of a pending domestic violence case being resolved. I was charged with two felonies after a situation with a now ex-boyfriend went terribly wrong. Anything that could have went wrong that day went wrong. This happened in December of 2013 and I have yet to face trial withing the next 30 days.

As the time draws near my anxiety in anticipation of a dismissal in the case has caused me to feel numb and mentally paralyzed. I have prayed countless times, went on fasting twice, and tithed as my finances allowed. Prior to being charged with these crimes I had no idea what faith really was. I loved God, went to church, tithed hear and there, but never really experienced any trial and tribulation like the one I am currently facing.

To my brother and sisters in Christ please pray for me a favorable outcome. Pray that I dont lose my mind or sense of God given peace before the trial. I feel so alone. My family knows nothing about the case because I am so ashamed I am even in this position. Only 4 of my best friends know. Still not even my friends truely know how it feels to have a prosecutor come for something God has blessed me with, a nursing degree. I worked so hard in the program so that I would never have to depend on any man to take care of the kids I have yet to even conceive.

Though God has already given me signs that the case will be dismissed, it yet been done in the natural realm. I appreciate all your prayers.


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