Prayer for court date

by Concerned Mom (Dallas, TX USA)

Dear Lord Jesus, mighty protector,

Please guard my son as he goes to court on Thursday.
Protect him, that no false sentence fall upon him or false tongue injure him. Armor his legal counsel with knowledge,wisdom, and discernment, so they will be well prepared to defend him. Lord, may the presiding judge be hand picked by you, full of mercy and grace.

My son knows he is not completely innocent, but can not afford this on his record. Help him Lord, to put this in his past and to move forward with strength of character, accepting the judgement handed down as Your own. Guide him through the days forward, drawing him closer to you and further away from the temptations that put him in this situation.

Lord, you know in my heart, I desire
a lenient judgement, wanting only the very best for my son, but I understand the very best only comes when we are obedient to you. You are all foreseeing and all knowing, so guide and protect him through this process. assuring the best outcome for his future. To your kingdom be the power and glory, in Christ Jesus’ name, Amen.