Prayer for Courage to Those Who Live in Fear

by Marie (Vidor, Texas)

For years I have battled anxiety, OCD, Depression, Panic Attacks and Fear. I want to live a normal and happy life. Each day I wake up I thank God for blessing me with another day but I also fear if it’s my last day. I have such a severe fear of dying. I don’t know why as I believe I will go to Heaven.

I am just so afraid that I can’t live. God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear so I know it’s Satan. It’s like a constant circle that is vicious. I get scared, my anxiety kicks in over drive, then more fear, then more panic, more fear, then the OCD of checking all my vitals 50 times a day or more. I can’t handle it anymore.

Someone please pray that I can conquer this and live life to the fullest and not fear anymore……. Thank you!

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  1. Christ is deeper

    Dear Marie,

    You may find you can’t handle life, but Christ is deeper than any of your anxieties.
    When you feel sad, nervous, in despair, ask Christ to take all this load off of you.
    He is greater and deeper than all your fears.
    God Bless,
    Call out to Jesus and ask Him for a deeper relationship.

  2. God see'a your struggle

    I have sent up a prayer for you. I battled with anxiety and panic disorders since I was younger all the way to 19 and I am now 20 about to turn 21. I couldn’t take it anymore and I started praying multiple times daily. A few months lately shortly after my birthday I had an encounter at night. And I am totally free of my social anxieties and all the rest! He does heal, and you will get your healing. Don’t give up!

  3. Pray to find a doctor that will help you.

    Fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy.
    The Lord is the strength of my life, whom then shall I fear.

    Knowing all this, it is most likely a chemical imbalance. Find a good God fearing doctor.

  4. re: Prayer for Courage

    Trust in God 100%.


    Get out there, enjoy life, help others. Make a gratitude list.

    Pray, Thy will be done.
    God’s will.

  5. peace

    I have a 21 year-old son also who lives in fear.
    I pray for you. I pray that you may find peace and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  6. peace

    I have a 21 year-old son also who lives in fear.
    I pray for you. I pray that you may find peace and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  7. prayer

    Dear Marie,

    I have also recently come to battle anxiety and depression so I know what you are going through. Today I just want to pray this prayer with you:

    Lord, I just pray for my sister Marie. Let her be filled with your Holy Spirit and the assurance that comes with everlasting victory. Father God, we know that you are healer. We know that your love never fails and that you have an amazing plan for us. As children of Christ, banish all fear, anxiety, and depression. Let us be renewed daily in your love so that we may wake up with joy each morning. We pray for your miracles Lord. May you heal Marie completely so that she can share her testimony for on this earth for the glory of your Kingdom. Take away all the infirmities and be with us in each and every moment Lord. I pray for my sister Marie. Lead us through the darkness into the shining light so that we never look behind again. In Jesus holy name. Amen.

    All the best Marie 🙂

  8. Praying, knowing you'll be freed

    I am praying for you, sweet Marie. I used to battle extreme anxiety, fear, and panic. God has given me such victory. Life is much more full and enjoyable now. Jesus IS the answer…keep pressing into Him. Focus of God’s Word all day long, constantly pray. Fear and anxiety amd worry are still weak points for me…If the enemy wants to get me distracted from serving God, He often tries to get me to obsessively worry about things. BUT fear and worry do not hold me down under their oppression. I overcome and get victory in the Name of Jesus.

  9. You'll be OK

    I, too, went thru everything you describe and after years of fighting OCD a Dr prescribed Zoloft (after trying many others) and my life changed. Don’t worry about things we can’t change….we can be careful…but if something happens, it was meant to be. It’s in God’s hands. Go out and find something that gives you joy(gardening, biking, take a class in pottery or writing, photography,etc) Be around people to get your mind off the obsession. I will pray for you. Don’t give up…there is hope out there but you have to work to find it.

  10. CHEER UP

    Prayer is powerful. TRUST in the Lord and always pray earnestly. For God alone can deliver us from these evil things. Believe in God . You will be healed.

  11. Praying!

    I too suffer from this. It’s all new to me as this started after my brothers death in June.
    I’m seeing a psychiatrist and leaning on God.
    Praying for you that He will ease your suffering as I know how scary it can be. Love & light! 🙏

  12. I Understand Your Struggle

    I understand what you are going through.
    My father died in Dec. & then my last child
    went off to college. The panic & anxiety was
    so bad I begged my husband to take me to
    the mental hospital. I thought I was going
    crazy. By Gods grace & mercy, I am better.
    I spent a lot of time in prayer & reading my
    Bible. I will pray for your deliverence from
    attack. You are not alone. We are all in this

  13. You will be healed

    I was absolutely stunned reading your prayer request because it sounded just like me. I came to this site to request prayer but instead I feel I should pray and encourage you. I too have been living like that for so long but just know that the lord has a great plan for you. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER. God is good all the time. Please trust him. Let there be no ounce of doubt in you heart and soul and watch God act. Please don’t give up.

  14. Trust God, but also get medical help.

    Many people of faith are resistant to turn to doctors becauseit feels like they are giving up on God healing them. It’s not! God will give you the encouragement and ability to be open to the help medical professionals can provide.

    An INCREDIBLE “treatment” is called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). There are many studies showing it to be just as effective, if not more, than medication alone. It helps you retrain your brain when it comes to approaching anxiety and other mental illness related issues.

    Use every bit of help you can get, whether it’s orayer groups, trusting God more, getting (appropriately) medicated, and trying things like DBT.

    Don’t give up.

    Also, try this breathing technique: 4-7-8 breathing

    4 seconds – inhale
    7 seconds – hold breath
    8 seconds – slowly exhale

    This helps a decent amount with panic attacks. It helps slow your heart rate and regulate your oxygen intake. Hopefully you see this soon.

  15. Divine mercy

    Dear Marie,

    Ask Jesus His Divine Mercy each time anxiety comes up.
    I have the same problem as you but only a few times a day.
    So I can understand your suffering and I admire your courage.
    I shall pray for you.

  16. Appreciate who you are and what you are going to become!

    Thanks for being honest and reaching out for the most powerful tool that we can use…Prayers is powerful. Thank you for being so open to share. How great our God is and How loving He is to you.
    I know this is powerful cause prayer always works….I know you have many hurts inside and you desire to be totally free. Share openly with someone you trust and get all that poison out. Keeping your secret can be holding you back from being who you are in Christ Jesus. I know you are beautiful in His sight. I don’t think you like or appreciate yourself. So…lets began a new and began to know in your heart how very special you are and beautiful. We are made in His imagine. Wow! That is something to think about. Lets lift up the Name of Jesus and Praise His Holy Name. We can like ourself…it’s o.k. Bless you as you began a new way of life with a smile and thankful heart. Remember you have value and purpose for the Kingdom of God. Love you!!!!Keep looking up!!!

  17. For those who deal with fear and anxiety/ depression

    Jesus told me to claim healing verses for sickness or lack and for oppression of the devil ! Jesus said 1st peter 2:24 by Jesus stripes you were healed! Healing is included in salvation! Gods word says he has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but of peace and of love and a sound mind! We can use our authority and resist fear and it will leave! I no longer take medication for depression / anxiety! Praise be to God forever!!!!!!!

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