Prayer for Courage and Strength to Improve Myself

by Belle (London)

Dear St Jude

I pray to you that I will have the courage and strength to improve myself where I need to. I have depression and sometimes all I want to do is sleep

I know that’s not what god wants for me. I ask for your help to keep me on my healthy eating plan to get to a healthy BMI.

I also pray that my relationship will prosper and grow in love and respect and we will have a long and happy life together.

I pray that myself and my partner can gain strength from each other and we can sort out our problems together.

I pray that my children will accept my new relationship and my home can once again be filled with laughter and love instead of conflict.

I pray that my x husband will stop harassing me and causing me upset as I do not want constant conflict with him.

Thank you for hearing my prayers

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