Prayer for Couple and Family

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer for a couple I love very much. I come to you for them for they do not have the will or strength to do this on their own.

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you weeping, broken with sadness in my heart that we may lose to the “evil one”, another family. I come to you begging you for your Son Jesus Christ to touch this couple, let them know they can come to you for all things, forgive their past transgressions and protect them from all evil that is trying to tear them apart and trying to destroy their beautiful family, through the Immaculate Heart of Jesus I pray.

Please send the Holy family to comfort and bond this family together, send your Warrior Angels to stand guard over this family and your Archangel’s to battle the evil that is destroying this family right now. Thank you Father.

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