Prayer for conversion to drive away the mistress

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Heavenly Father I come to You totally hurt and in pain. I never thought MY marriage would come to this. I plead that you heal our pain, the sorrow, the anxiety in our hearts. I ask that You will always hold our hands during this trial and keep me and my ( children/ daughter /son) always in your refuge. I now pray for ( mistress name) my Husband (husband’s name) mistress. I uplift up to You and plead to show ( mistress name) the pain and destruction that she has brought into our lives. I pray that always day and night she would be convicted of her sin and the terrible pain and hurt that she has damaged me and my daughter. Bring her into sorrowful repentance day and night let her conscience convicts her sinful act unceasingly. Lord, I pray for her soul. The Word of God tells us that all adulterers will enter hell eternally unless they repent. I ask that she would know the fear of God that she will repent soon and leave MY husband. ( name of husband) and turn her heart towards You. I pray for the healing of her heart because I know that only a deeply wounded person would stoop to adultery. Let (mistress name) know that one day she will stand before You and give account to You of all her actions. Give her the courage to turn away from ( name of husband) MY husband and turn her heart towards You. Father I plead and pray that You separate and part their ways MY HUSBAND ( name) and (mistress name) as far as the East is to the West. I pray that ( mistress name) will see the damage and desruction to herself . In Jesus name We uplift into your precious blood to grant our petition. AMEN🙏

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