prayer for contentment, happiness & peace of mind.

by Jhie (Philippines)

Lord, I’m lost..i don’t know where to start. i have so many things that i need to do for my family, yet i still don’t know how. when my mother died, i feel so alone and i cant still move on. I need a lot of prayer. i have so many pain, physically and emotionally. I feel nobody loves me. i miss my mother so much but i know shes on your loving side right now.

I resigned from my work because of my neck pain and stress, but still i need to look for another child to finance my children’s need. so Lord please help me cope with everything, help me solve all of my problem and please take away my pain and loneliness. I’m weak but i need to be strong for my children.

Please help me God, I know you are my only Hope. i really really need You in my life right know. Thank you for everything you give me.