Prayer for Confidence to Let Go and Forgive

I’ve been at my job for tens years. I have always been given grief for wanting to go that extra mile. I am constantly being told to slow down, when I ask if I can learn something new, I get why do you care, this job doesn’t appreciate you. it is getting hard to walk in positive. I feel like they are changing my heart. I hear myself constantly asking for grace.

I am just trying to keep busy I am not after anyone’s position, ” I just want to keep busy and do a good job until I finish school. lately I have noticed my task are being delegated to other people, I have asked have if I have done something wrong, and told no, they asked to be crossed trained I’ve asked if I can do my old task just to keep brushed up on things, and just simply get told no.

I am grateful for my job, especially because when I first started I was homeless with my daughter during her senior year.I think this is why I try so hard. Tomorrow I have a meeting with our new en-trim supervisor, lead, and analyst. I am trying not to worry, but it is consuming me. I could not focus on class this evening.

please pray for clarity in my studies, and forgiveness for those I feel are trying to block me from my blessings Give me the right words to say. Lord hear my prayer.

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